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Eight Birds

the bird in the cage and the bird in the air

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This community is intended for fans of the Hyuga family of the manga and anime Naruto. Specifically, fans who like to see its members snogging. Purpose: the posting of fanfic, fanart, discussion, and whatever else you feel like in regards to the Hyuga. Also, a note: the Uchiha clan is mentioned as being derived from the Hyuga, so pairings like SasuHina or ItaSasu are acceptable here.

*The Rules:*
Pretty simple here. Just label any really serious spoilers and tell us if it's not school or work safe. So anything spoiler-full or hentai needs to be ID'd, basically. Otherwise, all ratings and all pairings are acceptable- so, for example, you can do Neji/Hinata or Hinata/Hanabi if you'd like, as long as both members of the couple (or trio, if that's what floats your boat) are from the Hyuga family. And if love triangles and threesomes and suchlike are what you like, it’s okay if one of the group isn’t from the family, as long as there is some kind of romantic interest involved with the Hyuga members.

* Yaoi and yuri are okay.
* Het is okay.
* Anything from NC-17 to G is okay ratings-wise.
* Shota and loli are okay (since with canon, after all, any pairings among the rookies count as such).

Everything else aside, as long as your primary focus is on the family or one of its members, pretty much anything goes. Thus, no flaming each other and everything should be fine. ^_^