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A burning tyger (is on fire)

Fic: All Hail the Conquering Hero

So, I thought maybe I was done writing fanfic. I certianly had moved on from Naruto. But I couldn't resist at least seeing what the manga's ending was, and then I saw it was the Naruto Fic Meme's last month (fittingly, the theme is endings). Anyway, after seeing anon had requested giving Neji a happy ending, the old bug bit me. Here's the result.

Fic: All Hail the Conquering Hero
Author: Hungrytiger11

Summary: Mostly, Neji's still processing that he woke up in a hospital this morning, and less than six hours later he's not only been poked and prodded by an army of medics, not only seen half of Konoha checking in him, but is  now sitting in the seat of honor next to the clan head at a party for held for him. It's all a bit surreal.  Alternate Ending for the last Naruto arc.

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