darquecrystal (darquecrystal) wrote in hyugacest,

Looking for an old fanfic

It’s a really, really old NejiHina fanfic (I think it’s probably deleted from FF.net, because when I searched for it, I couldn’t find the damned thing)

I really don’t know how to describe it, but basically there has been a string of murders in the Hyuuga household, and Neji was the main suspect for several reasons (which I can’t remember now) Hinata was engaged to some cocky bastard named Hyuuga Hiro. And there was a guy named Hyuuga Noboro (who definitely had something to do with the murders)

It’s a really dark story, what with Hiashi and Hanabi being killed off in the later chapters, written by someone with the username of Vegeta Piccolo or something similar. I can’t remember the exact real name of the writer, but the story was really good. Now I’m regretting never saving that fic.

If anyone knows where can I find the fic, or the author, or a copy of the fic, please tell me! I need it to cope with Neji’s death (WHY DAMN YOU KISHI) and to reread that amazing story again. :’(

Much appreciated

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